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I wanted to ventilate my thoughts on the so-called “War on Terror,” so I started blogging in 2002. My first post on May 7, 2002:

"To redeem both man and morality, it is the concept of “selfishness”that one has to redeem." – Ayn Rand (1964) “Introduction,” The Virtue of Selfishness, page VII.

Four years later, I started my first podcast, EGO NetCast. Here is an excerpt from the About page:

This site is covering new media news, tips & tricks for podcasters and listeners to Internet radio on demand. Martin Lindeskog - the host of EGO NetCast show - is conducting interviews with authors, business minded individuals, entrepreneurs, philosophers, etc. I am answering your questions on business philosophy, new media, and the good life. Stay tuned!

EGO NetCast is a proud member of the upcoming “umbrella” site, TeaParty.Media.

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